A Higher Power of your understanding can be your net. Or the force behind your leap. Or even the bar you’re reaching for. Just know that if you keep swinging, it may be fun for a little while, but eventually, you will grow weary, no opportunity to rest or move forward, or you may fall. For those whose solid foundation in life is the trust in a supreme power or deity, this concept is undoubtedly unfamiliar to them.

One thing that many faithful believers agree with is the distinction between religion and spirituality, as well as the factors of each that play their own role in each and every one of their individual beliefs or perceptions towards a higher power. Through this distinction, believers solidify their perception towards the deeper meaning of God’s teachings.

Spirituality is an avenue of following your own heart as opposed to specific ideologies. You get to listen to your intuition concerning the best way to treat those around you as well as how to treat yourself. You get no punishment or reward for your actions just inner happiness in its glorious simplicity. Fear surrounds a lot of religions in the world. Fear of the unknown consequences of your actions to be specific. Love is what defines spirituality. Spirituality is about focusing energy to perform acts of love instead of fear. You will be empowered by decisions made from love with bravery and enrichment of the soul.

On the other hand, religion takes you on a journey of facts with everything seeming black and white from the creation of the universe to the reason behind human existence. You can discover the answers to these questions and more through spirituality. Spirituality empowers you to go on a personal journey of discovery while setting no limits to how far you can go. Your truth can be the same as another person’s but the personal journey spirituality will make you braver to face what the world throws at you.

However, each religion has something new and simple to offer in a different way. The interpretation of the stories are different since the perspective of the people who laid the foundations of their respective religion had something in mind and that something varies from person to person, and is dependent on historical context- mainly, the ideas and practices observed at the time of conception.

A higher power only means God as you understand Him. Understand the reason you believe the things you do and what keeps you from believing in a higher power than yourself. In the pursuit of a deeper understanding of God and his teachings, one must be open minded. Listen to other people’s opinion on what having a higher power means. Agreeing with everyone is not a must as you have a right to disagree but have an open mind. The information you receive may be of help in finding people with common interests as you and help you understand the concept of a higher power better.

Without a doubt, human history has highlighted the never ending pursuit of knowledge observed by our species, the drive that kick-started all of our species’ progression in all aspects. With it came the curiosity to uncover who we truly are in relation to the universe, and our origins. When we understand that all interpretations of gods and deities throughout the duration of humanity’s existence stemmed from the primitive, innate human desire for answers, influenced by factors such as specific moral codes, ideas, beliefs, and practices that varied from time period to time period, we may find ease in deriving the true meaning of what our respective religions preach. One may find peace of mind in the reassurance that all of humanity had something in common when it came to belief systems and deities, and that the basic concepts of each belief commonly revolve around peace, unity, and love. Surely, a universal understanding of the similarities and differences between all interpretations of god is a stepping stone towards unity among all beliefs and religions, and a deeper understanding of the meaning of god.

One may conclude that the perception of God and spirituality may definitely vary among the wide array of religions, sects, and denominations- but at the same time, one may also conclude that open-mindedness and acceptance of this worldwide variety is a key stepping-stone to deriving a more profound understanding of the teachings of our respective higher powers and belief systems. To further understand the meaning of God, one must fully understand the way others perceive their own belief systems, and maintain an open minded attitude towards the ideas and concepts that may potentially contrast those of your own. In the end, we’re all human. The one thing that we can all agree upon, is that a firm belief and understanding in our God’s plan for us in our own way is a vital and highly necessary aspect of unity, acceptance and oneness with our higher power. 

Photo by Szabó Viktor from Pexels

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